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    Departments of the Center in the cities of the region


    Frunze st., 32, Irkutsk, 664035
    Reception: +7(3952)214220

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    Quarter 279, 1, Angarsk, 665812  
    Reception: +7 (3955) 514 130

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    Student str., 1, Bratsk, 665709
    Reception: +7 (3953) 37 68 28

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    Krestyanina str., 2a, Usolie Siberian, 665470  
    Reception: +7 (39543) 63 8 62

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    Irkutsk Regional Cancer Center is the largest dispensary in Siberia that provides assistance to patients with various tumor localizations processes. We have high-tech medical equipment and modern technologies. Our doctors are excellent practitioners in constant scientific search, developing and implementing new methods of prevention and diagnosis of malignant neoplasms, treatment and rehabilitation of cancer patients.

    Head physician " Regional Cancer Center " Viktoria Dvornichenko

    Workshops, conferences


    Irkutsk Oncologic Dispensary is preparing for a liver transplant

    The medical facility is included into the regional "roadmap" for the transplantation of organs and tissues


    Over 30 scientific reports and 3 complex operations in 2 days

    The Irkutsk Oncology Center has completed an international master class.


    The II International master-class at Regional Cancer Center

    Leading oncologists from seven countries are taking a part in the conference.


    Irkutsk Regional Cancer Center conducted an internal quality audit as the first step towards obtaining free quality certification.

    This year Irkutsk Regional Cancer Center was included in Russian Federal project of free quality certification “The quality and safety of medical care”.


    Japanese oncology school in Irkutsk

    Doctors from the country of rising sun have shared their experience with colleagues from SFR and FFR


    Irkutsk Cancer Dispensary has gotten another international partner.

    A partnership agreement has been signed with the Mongolian National Oncology Center.